F*ck it. I'm done with trying to figure it all out. 

It's time to stop learning how to build your product, and start selling it.

Hi, I'm Jeneth. In my 13+ years as an entrepreneur and coach, I’ve facilitated thousands of people on creating high-converting funnels for their digital products.  

I've learned there’s nothing more frustrating than putting your heart and soul into your work and not seeing the desired response from your audience.

TODAY, we use a distilled technique that includes a step-by-step systematic approach to marketing your next digital product launch.

Here’s the thing, over the last 13 years I’ve tried a lot of things! With that wealth of knowledge, I've formulated a tried-and-true system for digital product launches that convert. I'm proud to introduce...

SuperPower Launch Lab™

Your one-stop shop for SIMPLE marketing (including templates) for your product launch.

SuperPower Launch Lab™ Masterclass Your master training breaks up the creation process into 6 easy to follow modules that teach you how to build your entire marketing plan.

  • How to curate your Micro-Messaging
  • Time-blocks, Batching, and Agile
  • How to Test Your Social Ad Traffic
  • Evergreen funnels for endless income  

You're Not Alone, We've Got Your Back

Many template bundles and digital products give you the tools but don't teach you how to use them. Our masterclass guides you through the complete SuperPower Launch Lab™ to ensure your best launch. 

MODULE 1 Decide 

Every great idea starts with the decision to being a new journey. In module one, you'll discover your strength to get started.

  • Clarity
  • 90-Day Note
  • Money Matrix  

funsheet and video guide included

SuperPower Launch Kit Your reusable digital product launch template complete with everything you need for the easiest and most successful launch compartmentalizes and systemetizes the launch proccess.

  • Trello Launch Planning Dashboard  
  • LeadPages Landing Page Template  
  • LeadPages Opt-in Template  
  • 30-Minute Private Clarity Session  

Everything You Need To Start Today

Every module in the SuperPower Launch Lab™ masterclass includes how-to videos and an extensive set of resources, guides, and templates meaning you have the info and tools you need, when you need them. 

Did you catch all that?

Here’s Everything Included...

SuperPower Launch Masterclass This six module system takes you from creating ongoing evergreen launch content to selling and client follow-up.

($1,200 Value)

SuperPower Launch Planning Dashboard Our easy-to-follow Trello™ board template that keeps you on-track throughout your entire product launch.

($197 Value)

Done-For-You Sales Page Template A fully customizable LeadPages™ sales page template that gives you unique marketing prompts to skyrocket your sales.


Customizable Landing Page Template A pre-built LeadPages™ template based on our extensive testing to acheive maximum results with minimum effort.


One-On-One Coaching Call A 30-minute private clarity session with Jeneth to get all your questions answered and energy redirected. 

($500 Value)

Advanced Content Builder Map Have everything you need for your mega-marketing with our no-worries content builder completely mapped out for you.

($1,000 Value)

Launch Planning Master Checklist Downloadable and printable PDF funbooklet to keep your epic digital product launch moving smoothly and successfully.

($97 Value)

Bonus Build Your Next Digital Course Indepth mini-masterclass webinar hyper-focused on the key steps you need to take to build your next digital course.

($97 Value)

Bonus Social Marketing with Canva Ads Canva™ is a powerhouse of social media graphics, in this quick webinar you'll learn how to harness that power. 

($97 Value)

Bonus The Return Path Plan You'll learn how to keep your clients coming back, time and time again, for the specific value that only you can give. 

($97 Value)

Total SuperPower Value $3,300 Total SuperPower Investment Only $497

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PART ONE: YOUR COMPLETE LAUNCH TEMPLATE SuperPower Launch System (Value $2000)


Imagine having your MARKETING MESSAGES built out in HOURS not weeks, with all the templates already designed?

If you can fill-in-the-blanks, your work is basically done for you and you’ll never have the dreaded sales page writer’s block ever again.

  • Copy prompts are in templates to help spark ideas quickly for your own presentation.  
  • The templates are labeled to match the SuperPower Mastarclass and you’ll have a checklist with all the steps so you can easily start and stop your work.  
  • The templates are given to you in both LeadPages and static PDFs so you can have a hard copy to mark up as you build.  
  • Each design comes with additional images for customization!

PART TWO: YOUR MASTER TRAINING SuperPower Launch Masterclass (Value $1000)

The SuperPower Masterclass breaks up the creation process into 6 easily follow along modules that take less than 20 minutes each. You can have all the copy for your marketing built in one day!

Here's What We Cover:

Decide Includes Clarity, 90-Day Note, and Money Matrix PDFs.

Message Who’s your dream client and why do the need what you have?

Plan What has brought you to this work? How has it been impactful for you and your clients?

Create What would you need to give them in bite size ah-ha's!

Execute Show them what’s possible when they buy. 

Evergreen Why NOW? What makes this irresistible?

*PLUS* I’m Going To Add In Some Extras That Ensure Your Next Launch is a Complete Success...

Bonus 1: Build Your Next Digital Course Masterclass (Value $1000) Not sure what to sell? This 90 minute masterclass deep dives into what I do when someone comes with JUST an idea, and needs a plan. 

Bonus 2: Social Marketing with Canva Ad Templates (Value $100) Making ads is difficult and confusing, but with our instruction and a few Canva templates, you'll be reaching your intended audience with ads that pop.

Bonus 3: The Return Path Plan (Value $1000) Congrats! You've launched your product to massive success! But what now? The Return Path Plan is your step-by-step guide to keeping your customers engaged and hungry for more.